Here are the names and email addresses of the willing and able volunteer members of the AEI Board:

Name Board Position Preferred E-mail Address
Shanise Brockshus President
Molly Ray President-Elect
Chris Noel Past President
Maggie Parks 2014 Conference Chair,
Iowa Core Writing Team Chair
Morgan Singleton Secretary

Lynsie Maynard Treasurer
Devin Hanson All State Chair
Jeanna Gerot Membership/ VAAS Committee

Susan Noonan Historian
Liz Bloomburg Elementary Division Representative
Marketing & Promotions
Cappie Dobyns Middle Level Division Representative & MS Competition Chair

Jenna Darsee Pre-Service Representative
Margaret Harlow-Vogt Secondary Division Representative
Wendy Miller Higher Education Representative
Carolyn Carpenter Museum Division Representative
Kathleen Almelien Retired Division/ VAAS Committee

Jean Caboth Traveling Exhibit - Elementary
Christine Laue Traveling Exhibit - Secondary
Christy Humpal

YAM Chair
Ken Esveld IAAE Representative/ IAAE At-large
Kathleen Sweet Keystone AEA Representative
Lucy McLennan AEA 267, Co-Rep
Laurie Mullen AEA 267, Co-Rep
Nancy Barsic AEA 267, Co-Rep
Greg Skeen Northwest AEA
  Prairie Lakes AEA Co-Rep
  Mississippi Bend AEA Representative
Nicole Beckley Grant Wood AEA Representative
Pamela Ballard Heartland AEA Representative
Diana Fisher Green Hills AEA, Co-Rep
Carol Keller-Hein Great Prairie AEA Representative / VAAS Committee
Dr. Barbara Caldwell INSEA/USSEA Representative
Nancy Sojka Iowa Hall of Pride Chair
Susan Macumber Webmaster, Communications Co-Chair
Shanise Brockshus Communications
Co-Chair, Editor The Message
Andrew McCormick Issues & Directions Chair/ IAAE Advisory
Erin Almelien Mentoring Chair
Clar Baldus, PhD Scholastic Awards Liaison
Rosanne Malek Department of Education
Matthew Harris Iowa Arts Council



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