Here are the names and email addresses of the willing and able volunteer members of the AEI Board:

Name Board Position Preferred E-mail Address
Shanise Brockshus President
Ronda Sternhagen Past President
Maggie Parks 2014 Conference Chair,
Iowa Core Writing Team Chair
Morgan Singleton Secretary, All State Chair

Lynsie Maynard Treasurer
Jeanna Gerot Membership/ VAAS Committee

Susan Noonan Historian
Liz Bloomburg Elementary Division Representative
Marketing & Promotions
Cappie Dobyns Middle Level Division Representative & MS Competition Chair

Jenna Darsee Pre-Service Representative
Margaret Harlow-Vogt Secondary Division Representative
Wendy Miller Higher Education Representative
Carolyn Carpenter Museum Division Representative
Kathleen Almelien Retired Division/ VAAS Committee

Jean Caboth Traveling Exhibit - Elementary
Christine Laue Traveling Exhibit - Secondary
Christy Humpal

YAM Chair
Ken Esveld IAAE Representative/ IAAE At-large
Kathleen Sweet Keystone AEA Representative
Lucy McLennan AEA 267, Co-Rep
Laurie Mullen AEA 267, Co-Rep
Nancy Barsic AEA 267, Co-Rep
Greg Skeen Northwest AEA
  Prairie Lakes AEA Co-Rep
Nicole Beckley Mississippi Bend AEA Representative
Molly Ray Grant Wood AEA Representative
Pamela Ballard Heartland AEA Representative
Diana Fisher Green Hills AEA, Co-Rep
Carol Keller-Hein Great Prairie AEA Representative / VAAS Committee
Dr. Barbara Caldwell INSEA/USSEA Representative
Nancy Sojka Iowa Hall of Pride Chair
Susan Macumber Webmaster, Communications Co-Chair
Shanise Brockshus Communications
Co-Chair, Editor The Message
Andrew McCormick Issues & Directions Chair/ IAAE Advisory
Erin Almelien Mentoring Chair
Clar Baldus, PhD Scholastic Awards Liaison
Rosanne Malek Department of Education
Matthew Harris Iowa Arts Council



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