Art Lesson Plans for Elementary


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Autumn Glory: Nature Study

Janiece Kinzle Autumn Leaves
Clay Textured Bowls Liz Lyons Clay Bowl with texture
Folk Tale Team Writing Sandy Wentworth Fairy Tale Books
Grandma Moses Winter Scenes Maggie Parks Granma Moses Style
Woven Figures Becky Kobos Woven figure
Quilt Square TAG Ila Benzing Cooperative Project based on Traditional Quilting
Outdoor Sculpture Ila Benzing Multi-age Project using Recycled Materials
"I Was Shipped Off in a Box!" Janiece Kinzle Write and illustrate a fictional story
Making Lines Janiece Kinzle Connections within drawing & body movements (K-4)
Glazing Pottery Janiece Kinzle Vocabulary and Procedures: all of the directions they'll need!
Watercolor Leaf Print with Line Design Janiece Kinzle Watercolor and Lines
Gyotaku Janiece Kinzle Gyotaku: fish
Maskmaking with Paper Janiece Kinzle Paper Masks
Kandinsky with Oil Pastel Elizabeth Lyons Kandinsky Style
Tree Transformations: Grade 5 Elizabeth Lyons Tree Flower Transformation
Snowflake Alphabets Sondra Cabell a new twist on an old favorite
Snowflakes Janiece Kinzle An interactive art site that you can use in your computer lab today. A good site to explain how to fold and cut a snowflake with paper.
Snowday Janiece Kinzle Create a snowflake online
Starry, Starry Night: Vincent Elizabeth Lyons YouTube Video of the Don McLean Song
Neutral Fashion Design Models Susan Noonan Models

Wowing Wayne


Kati Oetken

Wayne Thiebaud 'Make a Cake' activity/game! So fun and educational. It's from the National Gallery of Art where I purchased a relatively inexpensive Wayne Thiebaud Cakes print that I laminated with love :-) I posted the link under my Art Games! on my blog. Basically you click on the different options and then on the "cake views" to decorate your cake. You can even print it out! Miss Oetken's Blog


And Other Helpful Hints for Elementary Teachers

"Picking the Glue Bottle's Nose" (how to open an Elmer's glue bottle) is a humorous way to get students to care for glue bottles without ruining the top of the bottle by sticking a pencil or scissors in the top. Save some of the old caps to replace ones when someone is still ruining your glue bottles.

Refill-Refresh markers by using liquid watercolors. Put some in a disposable paper cup.

Take lids off of markers, place into cup with watercolor and they will absorb the liquid. Also a way to create new colors.

Write "your table" (many of us name them after colors) on the top of your pencil and the word ART. If they walk out of the class, they can be sent back.

Melt stubs of crayons in a muffin pan in your oven on low heat to make a new crayon to use.

Add dish soap to your tempera paints to make them more washable and smooth.

Keep a stain-removal-stick on hand that kids can use in the classroom.

Find a project such as cutting flower shapes for a Hawaiian Lei or Rolling Beads that kids can do at the end of each project. This will help recycle paper and keep them busy with an on-going project that can be done at the end of the school year.

Visit local stores, businesses or factories. Their throwaways can become your next art project. Only take what is usable--we can only use so many egg cartons!

Thin Styrofoam works for many project including printmaking. It is usually found as wrapping for furniture.

Brown paper is now used as packing for many companies. It makes wonderful cave walls, gingerbread persons, textured paper and stuffing. I'm sure you can find other uses.

Use envelopes or ziplock bags that you can recycle several years for student storage. My rule if you leave out and/or lose you bring your own the next time. (I don't have trouble with too many losing them)

Computer CD ROM and CD's have a reflective nature. Make good mirrors, tracers and can be used in projects (more crafty side)

Use a knife sharpener on dull paper cutters.

Cutting cardboard boxes on your paper cutter has a sharpening effect and saves your fingers.

from Janiece Kinzle





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