Art Lessons for Middle School


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Silhouette Word Self-Portrait Ronda Sternagen

human silhouettesCreate an
with words

Scientific Method with Watercolors Cappie Dobyns

Practice the Scientific Method in experiments
with watercolors and salts.


Creativity Characteristicsstar Cappie Dobyns

Can ANYONE be creative? One class period

lesson explores the Characteristics of Creativity.
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Biographical Hero Portrait Collage

hero collage

Tammy Hoppe

Students create a collage that includes a pencil
portrait of a heroic figure and symbolic images
that tell viewers some history or traits
about that figure.
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Georgia O'Keefe
Style Painting



Lisa Jorgenson

6th Grade:
Students learn all about Georgia O'Keeffe
and the inspiration behind her work.
Students are asked to draw a flower
lightly on watercolor paper so that the
entire page is used up (flower should go
off the page similar to O'Keeffe's enlarged

Next, students are given a
demonstration on dozens of different
watercolor techniques that they can
practice before the paint their flower
(a diagram of each technique is helpful
to have hanging in the room) including
wet on wet, salting, resist, etc.

After practice, students paint in their flowers
using blending, salt, and various other
techniques remembering to keep in mind
colors and the depth of the flowers.






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