Art Educators' Professional Development

Listings shown here and links to organizations and individuals are provided to art teachers as a service. AEI claims no endorsement or support for courses offered or credit given. External links may change without notice. We attempt to list events chronologically and delete listings as the dates pass.

Salisbury House: An Interdisciplinary Exploration

Imagine being able to explore Salisbury House as a resource for your class! This on-site interdisciplinary workshop will engage participants in art, social science, language arts, and science activities. More information...

Exploring the Past: Archaeology in the Upper Mississippi River Valley

Application and other information on the Institute is available online at The deadline for applications is March 4, 2014.

Online Courses for Art TeachersJessica Ba

Jessica Balsley, an AEI Member, is teaching Graduate Courses Online through her website The Art of Education. This is the first of it's kind in Iowa and perfect for some of those teachers who may not live close to an AEA where they can easily take a class that is relevant to art education.

All of the course descriptions and information and sign up processes can be found on this page: Here are some of the upcoming classes:

  • March:
    Showing Student Growth in the Art
    Designing your Art Curriculum
    Instructional Strategies for Art Teachers
    iPads in the Art Room
    Creativity in Crisis
  • April:
    Integrating Art History
    Reaching All Artists Through Differentiation
    Managing the Art Room
    Assessment in Art Education
    Connecting Art to the Common Core
  • May:
    Designing your Art Curriculum
    iPads in the Art Room
    Tech-Ready Teacher
    Autism and Art
    Recharging the Right Brain

More Professional Development Opportunities

Champion Creatively Alive Children. A grant opportunity from Crayola.

The most convenient sources for re-certification credits are Iowa Area Education Agencies (AEA):

Iowa Learns: a central, Web-based catalog of Iowa distance learning resources:

Iowa PD Online: coming soon an online means of gaining credits through online courses. More info...

teachers in a workshop

Professional Organizations, Resourses, and Associations

Many of these organizations offer summer and weekend workshops. All will inspire you to do your own art work. Check them out!

Amana Arts Guild:

Central Iowa Art Association:

Colored Pencil Society of America:

Fiber Arts Guilds of Iowa:

Guild of American Papercutters:

International Association of Pastel Societies:

Iowa Art Museums, Non-profit Organizations, Galleries, and Art Centers:

Professional Development for Teachers: (Find Artedia on their resources link:

Iowa Art Galleries:

Iowa Art Pottery Association:

Iowa Woodcarvers:

National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society:

National Watercolor Society:

Green Hills Art Teachers

On March 25, 2011 the Fourth Annual Art Teacher Hands-on and Sharing Workshop, hosted by Liz Lyon, was held at Tri-center Elementary. More... and now photos...
If you have questions about doing your own Art Teacher Workshop, contact Liz.


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